Frequently asked questions…


  • “Do I really need a trained bridal consultant?  I have friends and family who’ll pitch in and help.”
    Would you let your friends and family pitch in and help instead of hiring a professional project manager, if you built a new house?  Most people would rely on a professional to bring resources, experience and expertise to the project.   The same concept can be applied to planning your wedding.  A trained bridal consultant can help you avoid costly mistakes and save you additional money with her preferred vendor resources.


  • “I’m on a budget and just can’t afford the extra expense of a bridal consultant. Isn’t that an unnecessary additional expense?”
    A good bridal consultant is not an additional cost to your overall budget.  She can secure vendor discounts that aren’t available to you, saving you money in multiple areas.  A bridal consultant also helps you stay on budget, plus saves you money in valuable time saved researching every little detail.



  • “It’s my wedding.  Won’t a bridal consultant take over and leave me out?”
    You said it…it’s YOUR wedding and That Wedding understands.  We believe that planning your wedding should be a collaborative effort. We realize this is YOUR dream.  That Wedding will take your ideas and help you turn them into reality.  Saving you time, money and stress in the process.


  • “What qualities should I look for in a bridal consultant?”
    You should feel comfortable and at ease with your bridal consultant.  You’ll be spending a lot of time together while planning your wedding.  You should trust her and be able to depend on her to deliver on her promises.  Look for someone with professional training and experience.


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